SevenK Wheels offers forged multi-piece wheels in exciting new styles. Customizing your dream wheels is our passion. Making your dream come true, one wheel at a time.

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(Heat Treatment Manufacture)

After the wheels go through a spinning process during manufacturing they are heat treated for a second time. This application of heat increases the strength of the wheel. As a result the wheels are lighter and stronger making them ideal for hard tuned race cars and heavier vehicles.



Sevenk 2 piece wheels feature a barrel as one piece and a face as the second piece. The advantage of the 2 piece is Sevenk's ability to have a variety of offsets that can be calculated in millimeter units. The barrel starts out as a flat piece of circular aluminum which is then sent through a press machine shaping it into a barrel. At this point the material is very dense allowing the barrel to be lightweight and strong. The barrel is then separated into sections to become multiple wheels and is sent to the polishing process. Each separated barrel is then precisely inserted with the completed face of the rim based on the choice of offset

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Sevenk incorporates the latest technologies in the design and manufacturing of its lightweight 3 piece wheels. The three piece wheel is made up of an outer rim, inner rim, and center disc which allows Sevenk to offer wide range of offsets and ensures proper fitment specific to your vehicle. The inner rim of the wheel is heat treated for strength, using the HTM (Heat Treatment Manufacture) process which allows for the use of a thinner material to save weight. With weight and high strength in mind, each section of the wheel is engineered using separate grades and thickness of aluminum according to its purpose. Sevenk's racing heritage and manufacturing innovations have allowed the creation of a 3 piece wheel that is both super lightweight and high in strength.


This complete personalization also carries over into the finishing for all components of the wheel. From 24K Gold plated hardware to multi-stage and multi-tone finishing on the lips and centers, each set we put out is a true reflection of each owner's unique soul.


Custom wheels will provide years of pleasure and service with the proper care. Preserving the appearance and functionality of wheels may be impaired if neglected. Our wheel care guideline will aid in the prevention of premature wear on the wheel’s finish an structural components.

•Clean your wheels regularly to keep brake dust, road film, salt and contaminants (which retain moisture) from accumulating. Pitting of the finish may occur If wheels remain dirty for prolonged periods of time.

•Do not spray water on wheels while still hot from driving. This will shock the finish and can cause spotting or cracking. Allow wheels to cool to the touch prior to cleaning.

•Do not use abrasive cleaning medias such as wire brushes, steel wool or scouring pads. A soft sponge or towel is recommended.

•Do not use strong acidic detergents, degreaser or alkaline products. Wheels should only be washed with mild soap and water.

•Apply a paste wax or polish to add a protective layer to chrome, painted and powder coat finishes after each cleaning. Dirt and brake dust will stick to the wax/polish rather than the wheel’s finish. This will also make future cleaning easier.

•Uncoated polished aluminum finishes require more periodic maintenance than other finishes. Aluminum naturally oxidizes so re-polishing frequently is required to maintain high luster.

•Use of wheels is not recommended throughout sever winter climates. If you choose to use your wheels through winter months, it is very important
to exercise a regular maintenance program. Salt and strong chemical de-icers are commonly used during snow and icy road conditions. These elements can be very caustic and can corrode the finishes on your wheels. For optimal winter protection against corrosion, rinse wheels with water after each use and thoroughly wash weekly.

•Use of fix-a-flat or other liquid sealing products are not recommended as a permanent fix and should only be used in an emergency situation. Tire imbalance and further damage to the wheel’s silicone seal will occur if not properly repaired in a timely fashion thereafter.

•If wheels are used for competitive racing, a visual inspection for signs of stress cracks or fatigue wear is required after each use. Immediately discontinue use of the wheels and contact Sevenk Wheels LLC. if any wheel failure is observed.

•Wheels in which tires are mounted and dismounted frequently, require re-sealing and re-torqueing of assembly fasteners regularly.



1) Wheels NOT purchased from an authorized dealer.
2) Any damage or defect caused by abuse, misuse, neglect or accident. Any damage or defect caused by racing or off-road use or by road hazard impact.
3) Wheels that have been altered repaired or modified.
4) Wheels installed with spacers or adapters.
5) Wheels installed with incorrect tire sizes or used with excessive vehicle loads.
6) Wheel corrosion or cosmetic flaws occurring after purchase due to chemicals, caustic cleaning agents, climate conditions or neglect.
7) Chrome pitting or discoloration due to lack of maintenance.
8) Blemishes, peeling or discoloration on the back side of the wheel.
9) Fading or discoloration of chrome or painted accent accessories caused by exposure to caustic elements.
10) Appearance blemishes or defects on wheels that have been mounted.
11) Wheels damaged by shipping or handling. Inspect shipments and contact the shipping company if any products are damaged. Shipping damage claims must be led with the delivery carrier.